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Eger, Hungary
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Eger, Hungary

  1. Visit Eger Castle
  2. Visit the Basilica
  3. taste some wines
Things to Avoid:
  1. take a coat
  2. take a coat
  3. take a coat
About my trip:

They come here for the wine. Eger is said to be one of the top wine regions in Europe and it’s why most people choose to spend a day or two there. Unfortunately, I think wine tastes like vinegar and can’t drink it without gagging, so winetasting was off the cards for me. I would be spending my day in Eger wandering up and down cobblestone alleyways, people watching in small cafes, admiring the stunning architecture and drinking beer. Yes, I drank beer in Eger.

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Márcio Serrado Fernandes

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