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Visegrád, Hungary
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Visegrád, Hungary

  1. the castel
  2. the castel
  3. the castel
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  1. nothing to declare
  2. nothing at all
  3. nothing at all
About my trip:

The town of Visegrád is located on the no.11 main road, 43 km north of Budapest. It can be accessed by car or bus using this main road, or by boat on the Danube. At MAHART boat station a scheduled boat service and pleasure boat service is operating. From Nagymaros direction the ferry connection provides the passanger and vehicle transport, which runs at least once an hour. In the Visegrád area the earliest traces of a human presence lead us to the New Stone Age, and from the Bronze Age this area has been continuously populated. After the Celtics, the Romans settled here, and they built the castrum on the Sibrik Hill (north of the current town, close to the Danube) called the Pons Navatus at the beginning of the 4th century. Later the Slavic groups moved to the area, and they gave the name Visegrád to the castrum, which expression was later adopted by the Hungarians.

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